PRO Hietasaari

Do you know Hietasaari in Oulu? Hietasaari, located in the delta of Oulujoki, is the richest area of Oulu by the multiformity of nature. The island is extremely popular and important outdoor recreation target to people living in Oulu because it is at the end of a short walk from the center. The island also is a central par of the culture history of Oulu reminding both from the valuable summer house culture and of the less valuable destroying culture of summer houses.

But now this idyll is threatened to be destroyed permanently, because of the irrational planning projects of the town (which in practice are based on one unheard of entrepreneur's fixed ideas) on which it is decided on Monday 12.12.2016 in the council – in spite of town dwellers' tough opposition which has continued for years.

SIGN THE APPEAL that the plans will be returned to the preparation and for the amusement park a better place is looked for from elsewhere from Oulu!

The address is here:
(Additional information is found here:  - sorry not much information in English at the moment)

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